Every year we choose a project to which to contribute, with the aim of putting into practice the sustainability and social responsibility principles that have always been our hallmark. This is only one of the many activities that characterise our commitment to creating a better workplace, a better world, and a better way of managing our business, both in Italy and at an international level.

Make-A-Wish® Italia partner

In 2017, we have once more chosen to support Make-A-Wish® Italia.
This no-profit organisation makes the dreams of children and youth affected by serious diseases come true: this gives them the strength to fight, to face therapies and to find hope once more.
Travelling is the dream of many of them and we have chosen to contribute to make this dream true by becoming partners of Make-A-Wish® Italia Onlus.

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EcoVadis 2016 Rating

In 2016, we were awarded the EcoVadis silver rating in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.

EcoVadis, the first platform in the world to conduct investigations on the status quo of Corporate Social Responsibility, led the assessment process to establish the degree of development in the conscious and active approach to the Environment, Labor Practices & Human Rights, Fair Business Practices and Sustainable Procurement, by analysing 21 criteria and the company's engagement history.

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Ten years of commitment

Over time, year after year, many projects alternated: with Unicef, ECPAT Italy (End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism), Mc Donald's Foundation and Intervita Onlus, we aimed at sponsoring initiatives in favour of children in Italy and abroad, through distance adoption, the construction of care homes, the building of clinics and the purchase of vaccines in South America, South East Asia and Africa.

In Africa in particular, thanks to the efforts of Watoto Kenya, we had the opportunity to contribute to a first aid centre in the Malindi area. With Amani For Africa, we promoted the movement for the affirmation of human rights and the reduction in street children. ACRA allowed us to participate in the campaign for the right to free access to water, natural resources, healthcare and education.

BCD Haiti School of Hope

We sponsored the Haiti School of Hope project, funding the meals of all schoolchildren for a month in 2014. Under the auspices and firmly supported by the third Travel Company in the world, Haiti School of Hope aims at ensuring that children in Haiti have good quality standards in education, fighting illiteracy rates of 75%.

The project, started by BCD in collaboration with Great Commission Alliance, led to the construction of the school in Mirebalais, northeast of the capital Port-au-Prince. BCD School of Hope ensures quality education to more than 200 Haitian children.

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Since 2008, BCD Travel has given its worldwide adhesion to the UN Global Compact, the United Nations program to promote an all-encompassing sustainable approach to the activities to the signatory companies. Every year BCD sends a report of the actions taken, summarised in five principles of the Onboard program: focus on people, on communities, on the environment, on ethical business models and on the protection of privacy and data.